Interview with kids ages 4-6 for Walt Disney World Likes and Dislikes


We have set up an interview for children based on their age.  This was done with all of our message board members and here are the questions and results.  The information here will give you a great idea of what kids between the ages of 4 and 6 like and don’t like.


If you would like to submit answers for your child, please submit the answers, your child’s name and age and email them to  Be sure to also specify that these answers are for Walt Disney World.



Questions for Ages 4 – 6


1.  What is your favorite ride?


2.  Why is that your favorite ride?


3.  Who is your favorite character?


4.  Is there a character you are afraid of?


5.  What ride have you been on but don’t like?


6.  Are you afraid to go on any ride?


7.  What ride would you tell a friend to ride?

8.  What is your favorite show/parade?


9.  What is your favorite souvenir?



From Linnea, age 4

1.  Goofy’s Rollercoaster, Small World and Peter Pan.

2. Goofy’s Rollercoaster is one of my favorites because I went on it once and I loved it and it was so fast.   Small World is my favorite ride because I liked the pretty little dolls.

Peter Pan is also one of my favorites because I saw Tinker Bell.


3.  Cinderella.


4.  No


5.  None


6.  No


7.  Peter Pan, Small World and Goofy’s Rollercoaster


8.  Disney's Dreams Come True Parade

9. Minnie Mouse Pirate Ears & Princess Dolls




Trey,  age 6

1.   Big Thunder Mt Railroad, because it goes so fast

2.   Driving back in the van, because it is not fun.  Then I told him it had to be a ride we went on. Haunted Mansion because it's not fast and it's spooky

3.   Capt Jack Sparrow

4.   No, I just don't like the princesses

5.   No

6.  None

7.    Kilimanjaro Safaris at the Animal Kingdom and The Boneyard at the Animal Kingdom because I can dig for dinosaur bones and play in the water.

8.   Capt Jack's Pirate Tutorial

9.   His Safari Outfit



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