Jumpin' Jellyfish Review (2007)

Jumpin’ Jellyfish is a nice gentle ride for children but does have a 40 inch height requirement which they are very strict about.  So strict in fact that we witnessed a cast member taking a piece of paper and sliding it between a child’s head and the height bar.  Since he was able to slide the paper through the child was not allowed on the attraction.


The queue for this ride is nicely shaded by the ride itself and a few trees.  While outdoors it is not completely in the sun.  This is a very slow moving line so do be prepared to wait.  When only one of the two Jumpin’ Jellyfish is in operation a line that seems very short still takes 10 -20 minutes. 


Once you are let in to choose a riding position you will see that there are what looks like spaces for 4 people.  That is not the case.  This attraction holds just two people per Jellyfish.  The spaces you see are leg spaces.  Your legs will be in an indentation, which is actually very comfortable.  The seats have a lap strap that must be tight before the ride will take place.


This attraction simply goes up and down in a very gentle motion.  When you reach the top the views are beautiful.  At night if you choose a seat that will show you California Screamin’ you will have a beautiful view of the lagoon and the Paradise Pier lights.  The movement on this attraction is so gentle it is not scary at all.  If you are afraid of heights though it can be terrifying as I quickly discovered!


Our son tried this attraction in May and fell quickly in love with the ride.  It was one he did several times a day.


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