Miner 49'ers Review

The Miner 49'ers are a musical group of four men who entertain at Disney's California Adventure. Their act is that they are eccentric prospectors who just love to entertain.

You can catch their act near Grizzly River Run in a shaded alcove directly across from the Rushin' River Outfitters store.

The Miner 49'ers will entertain you with jokes and music several times a day four days a week.

As these four men laugh and sing you will hear songs familiar to everyone. Most songs they play are Disney songs with their own twist. It is a rocking good time.

In the alcove where they play there are many shaded places to sit and relax while listening to the Miner 49'ers play.

This is also a great place to meet people when your group goes different ways so keep that in mind if you need a meeting spot.

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