Mulholland Madness Review (2007)

Mulholland Madness, located on Paradise Pier, is a fast moving ride on a track.  To call this a roller coaster would not give it justice.  While like a roller coaster due to the quick turns and speeds, the fact that there are only a few hills makes it less like a coaster, and more like a very fast moving car.


In fact, on this attraction, the ride vehicle is a car; and the premise of the ride is that you are on California’s most curvy roadway, hence the name Mulholland Madness.


The queue for this attraction is quite boring.  Nothing but steel framework to entertain you until you get close enough to see the loading area.  Don’t let this fool you into thinking it is a mild ride because it most certainly is not.  The whole queue is outside with a cover once you enter the ‘building’ for the attraction.  The building itself is not enclosed but does have a roof, blocking the sun on a very hot day.


As you enter your vehicle, which holds two people in front and two in back, you are strapped in by a lap bar.  If you are on this attraction with a child, make sure that lap bar is tight.  The vehicle whips around turns so quickly that it seems as if you will go flying right out of the vehicle and as a parent, the first few times I rode with my 4 year old, I grabbed him around the corners out of simple fear that he would go flying.


The ride begins with a hill that you slowly climb.  Once you reach the top you start the winding road at a very high rate of speed.  At some of the corners you will see cute billboards.  At one corner, you will see a broken billboard, as if someone has gone off the track.


Alex simply loved this ride in May, and at one point we rode 17 times in a row with no more than a 5 minute wait in line between trips.  I did have the opportunity to ride both in the rear and the front of the vehicle.  The two positions make it seem like two different rides.  The back seems smoother and much less scary than the front row.  Most amazing to note about Mulholland Madness is that while it is a wild ride through curves and a few hills, it is not jerky, but is very smooth.


I highly recommend this attraction.  It is perfectly acceptable for both children (once they are tall enough) and adults. 


There is also Fastpass on this attraction, so if the lines are long, grab a Fastpass and return at a later time.



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