Muppet Vision 3-D Review 2008

Muppet Vision 3-D Review – April 25, 2008


Since our son had never seen the Muppets, but does watch Sesame Street, we were unsure how he would feel about watching this show.


Just for kicks, I took Alex into the queue area so he could see the ‘robots’.  After seeing them, he definitely wanted to see the show.


We got there seconds after a show had started so we had a 10 minute wait before we could go into the theater.


The holding area has no seats but plenty of floor space to plop down on while watching the pre-show.  The room is full of props on the outer edges, all labeled by the character and what was in the box.  It was very nicely set up, and the items could be touched but unlike ToonTown touching them did not cause a reaction.


The pre-show consists of a skit on raised televisions.  The televisions are in groups of 3 and all 3 are used during the pre-show.  A very cute skit is done, and then the most well-known character is introduced.  Mickey Mouse.  That, of course garners laughs from all as it is not really Mickey Mouse.  This is all very cute, and makes the 10 minute wait fly by quickly.


Once you enter the theater you will be entertained by two characters in an upper viewing area.  This is primarily for the adults in the viewing audience – jokes such as they can’t leave because they are bolted to the chairs.


You are then told to put on your special 3-D glasses and the show begins.


The beloved Kermit the Frog is giving a tour of the Muppet building during the show.  There are two musical numbers planned, one by Miss Piggy.  Fozzy Bear joins Kermit for a ‘cheap 3-D trick’.  This of course happened after Kermit announced that they would not resort to cheap 3-D tricks.


Miss Piggy sings a wonderful number while trying to rid herself of bugs and more from the shore of a lake.


The Penguin orchestra comes under fire and retaliates quickly.  And a character that could change shape and form was a total laugh riot. 


One thing about good 3-D is that you can watch the audience for those who try to grab the items that appear.  Alex did this and it was very fun to watch.


The Muppet 3-D show is very cute and enjoyable for all ages.  Alex at 5 years old enjoyed this as much as I did.  We ended up seeing this show twice.


Both Alex and I can highly recommend Muppet Vision 3-D as a show that kids of all ages can really enjoy.

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