New Character Tip for a Great Encounter - 2007

New Character Meet and Greet Tip     


On our trip to Disneyland in December we learned something that could be very important for everyone with children to know.


Meeting the characters, whether at a character meal or a meet and greet is always a fun experience, but sometimes it can feel hurried to just get a picture and an autograph.


We first noticed this trick at Goofy’s Kitchen.  Alex wanted to take his Star Wars toys to show his character friends.  While I thought that was a bad idea, we decided to let him take them.  Well, I was wrong!


The characters absolutely loved playing with Alex with the toys he brought.  Baloo even got R2D2 stuck in his mouth!  Chip and Dale were adorable.  Dale put all of Alex’s toys in his apron pocket and started to walk away.  Alex told him to bring the toys back when he was finished.  Of course, Dale didn’t go far and really enjoyed that playtime.  Alice stayed with us for close to 15 minutes, playing good guy/bad guy with the toys.  Of course, Darth Vader is the bad guy.  This was absolutely adorable, and something we will never forget.


Alex didn’t carry those toys with him everywhere we went, but his cat Figaro that was purchased on our trip in September did go everywhere with us.  This was a great thing to have with us as well.  Alex loved interacting with various characters, telling them all about Figaro.


With various toys, these character interactions were more than a simple meet and greet.  Instead they were what dreams are made of.


So the tip here is to have a toy or several small toys with you during character interaction.  You will see magic happen!

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