Breakfast at Ohanas Review 2007

Breakfast at Ohana’s

Characters Featured: Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, & Pluto

Location: Polynesian Resort

Time of Reservation 8:00 am

This character meal has never disappointed us. We were seated upon check-in and had our picture taken at the entrance. We were seated in the main dining room but at a huge table that would hold 8 for just the 4 of us. But it was nice to have plenty of room. We were first served the house juice which was a mixture of guava & 2 other juices. Kyan & I liked it but the boys preferred a different drink. Arriving with the juice was sweet rolls & pineapple bread and a fruit tray. Within 5 minutes our main breakfast course arrived, eggs, bacon, sausage, potato wedges, Mickey waffles & biscuits. The food was so good that we asked for more bacon and waffles. The kids were so excited with all the excitement going on but they did manage to eat some breakfast and drank plenty. We had finished breakfast and still no characters had appeared at our table. Within a few minutes we was visited by Lilo, followed by Stitch, Mickey & Pluto they all arrived pretty quickly after each other. Lilo kept coming back to the table to play with Kyan and when it was time for the parade around the restaurant Lilo tried to hold her hand but she wasn’t haven’t any of that yet. The parade consists of the kids (big & small) to walk around the restaurant in a congo line shaking maracas to the “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Song”. It is a great time by all. We were at the restaurant a total of an hour. Our server was terrific and very prompt and efficient.

Normally we only do 2 character meals each trip but this time we opted for the dining plan. With the dining plan we were able to have a character meal each day which was nice. Not only did the kids enjoy the meals but it was a nice break for us during the day when we didn’t have to wait in the character lines at the theme parks. The dining plan was definitely worth the extra money and is really a great deal for the kid’s price of the package. And with having the dining plan you will not go away hungry.


I would give this meal a 9 out of 1-10.

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