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Parent Swap can be used at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  The Parent Swap program is very easy to use and extremely helpful when traveling with children who are too short or scared to ride the bigger rides. 


With Parent Swap you simply go to the entrance to the ride you want to ride.  You ask the first cast member you see there for a Parent Swap ticket.  They will give you a ticket that you keep with you.  Then you and your older child (or you alone) ride the ride.  When you exit the ride you give the ticket to your second adult.  Then the second adult and your older child (or alone) go back and enter the ride through the FastPass entrance (shorter wait than the standby line).  This allows both adults to ride the rides without having to wait twice in long lines. 


You can also get a FastPass for a ride AND use Parent Swap.  This means you BOTH get to wait in the shorter FastPass lines!  You also do not need to wait at the exit for the first adult.  You can take the little one to do what they want to do, thus avoiding a melt down.  You do, however, need to have your little one and second adult present when you ask for Parent Swap tickets.


Here is an example of what we did.  We are Mom (32), Dad (34), Daughter (14), Son (4) (just barely 40”).  We were at Animal Kingdom and went to ride Expedition Everest.  The line was an hour wait so Daughter and Mom got Fast Passes for Everest to ride later.  The whole gang went and ate lunch.  After lunch we all went back over to Everest.  Mom and Daughter presented Fast Passes at the FastPass entrance and Mom asked for a Parent Swap.  The cast member looked at Dad and Son and gave us a ticket.  Dad and Son headed over to Dinoland, USA to ride Triceratop Spin while Mom and Daughter enjoyed Everest.  After we were done, we strolled back over to Dinoland, USA, and met up with Dad.  Then Mom and Son stayed and rode Triceratop spin another two times while Dad and Daughter went back to the FastPass line, presented the Parent Swap Ticket and went and rode Everest.


The Parent Swap program is a GREAT way to let both adults enjoy rides without waiting in line twice.  I highly recommend using this program!!!  And remember, when in doubt about what you are doing…simply ask a cast member at any ride! 


This article was contributed by Mynde, aka Esmeralda on the DisneyMouseLinks message boards.  Thanks Mynde!

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