Pixar Play Parade Review 2008

Pixar Play Parade Review – April 2008


We had decided to watch this parade from SunPlaza and were in a great position right by a rope walkway so we actually had front row seats without getting there too early.


Several people had mentioned how wet this parade was, so we had to check it out. 


When the parade began, we were immediately charmed by Lightning McQueen as the lead ‘float’.  Unlike Block Party Bash, this parade made no stops.  As each float went by, there were squirts of water, bubbles, or soap.  Each float also had a big gun that would put out water as if it were a hose.


During the parade you will see floats from each Pixar movie.  My favorite was the Toy Story Float and the Green Army Men around the float.  Jessie, Woody and Buzz stayed on the float, while Bo Peep and Mr. Potato Head were walking.


The Incredibles were on little machines that were like a Segwey floating above the ground.  Jack Jack was on top of the Syndrome Robot, and at times you would see fire coming out his head.


The Nemo portion of the parade did have a float, but the beauty here was in the fish sticks.  People were holding sticks with the fish on top, including Nemo, Dory and the Jellyfish.


Bugs Life also had a very nice section in the parade with Hopper, Flik and Atta all present for our enjoyment.


While each Pixar movie was represented during this parade, only one movie was split up and that was because Lightning McQueen led the parade, and Mater ended the parade.


We did get a few drops of water on us, but didn’t get soaked.  This parade was very enjoyable and we highly recommend watching.


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