Pixie Hollow Review, December 2008

Pixie Hollow is the newest character greeting area at Disneyland.  This area was created to coincide with the Tinker Bell movie.  Inside Pixie Hollow you can meet Tinker Bell and her friends.


We were given a wonderful tip by the Cast Member at the Pixie Hollow entrance.  The queue at that time was 45 minutes or so and he mentioned that if we waited until the parade the line would dwindle to nothing.  As we always recommend on our site to listen to the Cast Member tips, this one we didn’t even question.


The Christmas Fantasy Parade was due to start at 3:30 so we found what turned out to be a perfect spot for more than one reason.  We decided to watch the parade from the Pixie Hollow entrance.  This area is totally closed off more than 30 minutes before the parade.  Ropes are put out on both ends of this small area so it is a great place to watch the parade from.  Virtually everyone in this area had a front row seat because there was room for only one row of guests.


We enjoyed the parade as we had not watched it in a few years.  Mickey and Minnie were again skating on the ice rink float.  As soon as Santa Clause passed us, we headed into Pixie Hollow.  The family next to us did the exact same thing.  We were second in line behind them!


As you enter Pixie Hollow everything is absolutely huge, to give you the impression that you are small.  Flowers are shoulder height for adults, and taller than children making it very easy to accept the fact that you are now small.


When Pixie Hollow first opened you were able to see all of the Fairies.  Now they only have Tinker Bell and one of her friends for each visit.  We saw Rosetta first.  She was beautiful and Alex really enjoyed meeting her.  He loves the Tinker Bell movie.  I noticed that she didn’t seem to have much to say to Alex.  Maybe it is rare for boys to go to Pixie Hollow.


Next we saw Tinker Bell.  Wow – I finally was able to meet my namesake.  It was wonderful to get to see her, talk to her and actually spend a few minutes with her.  Tink asked Alex what kind of Fairy he would be if he could be one.  Alex’s response:  a boy fairy!  We all laughed at that.  But what Tinker Bell really wanted to know is what KIND of fairy he would be.  I assured her that like her, he would be a Tinker since he loves to build things.  She thought that was wonderful.


While I was at first saddened that we could not meet the other fairies, I realized that it didn’t matter at all.  I only really wanted to meet Tinker Bell.  That was an encounter Alex and I both absolutely loved!


So remember the parade tip and enjoy meeting the one Fairy we have all waited years to meet!

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