Playhouse Disney Live on Stage Review

This show is rocking for those in the preschool age group who are familiar with Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel. This show is performed in the Hollywood Backlot of Disney's California Adventure several times a day.

While in line for the doors to open there are small televisions strategically placed for viewing the characters that will be in the show as well as Clay who introduces the shows on Playhouse Disney seven days a week. Not only does the television give your child a sneak peek showing them what they are about to see, it is also a great way to get people in the line singing, dancing and provides a general excitement in the queue.

The doors are opened about 5 minutes before the show starts. In this theater the bulk of the seats - 95% of them are on the floor. There are a few seats lining the back and left side walls, but those are hard to get so be sure to plan on sitting on the floor with your family. Fortunately the stage is several feet above the floor giving everyone a great view of the stage.

Once everyone is seated a human helper comes out to pump up the crowd. Singing, shouting and even a few volunteers round out the pre-show entertainment. This pre show activity is done to pump up the crowd and prepare everyone to be vocal during the show. This pre show entertainment lasts for approximately five minutes. Then it is time for what your child really wants to see.

Bear in the Big Blue House opens Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. Bear and his friends are introduced in the very familiar song Welcome to the Blue House. Tutter is the focus of this portion of the story because he is shy. Because of Tutte, we see the other characters from Playhouse Disney.

A new entry into this show is JoJo from JoJo's Circus. JoJo and Goliath follow Bear with a quick story and a rousing rendition of the theme from JoJo's Circus. Goliath will also be hiding but he is easy to spot quickly! JoJo and Goliath are a welcome addition to Playhouse Disney Live on Stage.

Next up are Stanley and his fish friend Dennis. In this mini version of the show Stanley will learn about Gorilla's along with the crowd.

The last part of the show is the Book of Pooh. Here you will see Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore perform a short skit about friends.

Once the Pooh skit is over Bear returns to stage. Of course Playhouse Disney Live on Stage would not be so special if it didn't begin and end with Bear. The crowd gets to see Luna and everyone is invited to sing the Goodbye song.

During the show there is a bubble shower, and a spray of large confetti which excites the children.

While Playhouse Disney Live on Stage was created for children don't be surprised if you see your fellow adults singing the familiar songs during this 25 minute stage show.

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