Playhouse Disney Review – April 2008


We arrived late for Playhouse Disney Live on Stage with no priority seating.  We did make it in because the theater holds almost 600 people.  We were in the very last row, with Andy standing against the wall to Video Tape the show.


Once the show started the look on Alex’s face told the story.  He was in absolute heaven.  It starts with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they are planning a party for Minnie’s birthday and need help.  So, Toodles is called, and has a rocket, a toolbox, and a finders flag that can be used to help plan the party.


The Little Einstein’s were first, and the whole crowd was asked to pat so that Rocket could beat Big Jet and they could help with the party.


Next came Handy Manny and he and the tools had to fix a bubble machine.  Once it was working bubbles flew everywhere.


Finally it was time for My Friends Tigger and Pooh.  Alex wondered where Buster was during this portion!


The show ended with the party going off without a hitch.


During each portion of the show, there was a song from each Playhouse Disney show.  The crowd was happily singing along during each of these songs.  There were two things missing from this otherwise perfect stage show for kids.


Buster was not there in the My Friends Tigger and Pooh segment, and they did not end with the Hot Dog Dance for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


All in all it was a wonderful show and the kids really enjoyed it.  Alex absolutely loved the whole show.  Later in the trip he got to meet Handy Manny as well, and that completely thrilled him.


We can highly recommend this show.  If you don’t want to sit up close you can show up rather late without a long wait and still be let into the theater.

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