Princess Fantasy Faire 2007

Princess Fantasy Fair


The Princess Fantasy Fair is broken out into several sections.  There is the Meet and Greet section, the Craft section, the Dress-up and Makeup section, Storytelling, and the Coronation.


The Royal Coronation


The Royal Coronation runs several times a day, and the times are listed on the daily entertainment guide.  This activity takes place on the stage and the floor below.  The first part of the ceremony is to teach young Princesses and Prince’s how to bow and curtsy.  A few simple dance steps are also taught to the children.  Next, three Princesses will descend the red-carpeted staircase and be introduced to the crowd below.  Each will curtsy and say hi to everyone below.  Finally, dance polls are brought in and each child is instructed to grab a ribbon.  Each Princess will go to a different poll, and then the dance begins.  As the Princesses leave graffiti is shot out into the arena and the children run to grab the pieces of ribbon.


Princess Crafts


The craft area is set up on picnic tables and has pre-cut crowns to color and decorate.  These tables are set up in full view of the stage so even if a child is working on a craft, he or she can see the Royal Coronation.


Princess Shopping and Makeup


This area is to the right of the arena.  Here you can purchases dresses, tiaras, shoes and more for your little Princess.  There are also makeup mirrors your Princess can be completely made up before going to meet the Princesses.


Meet and Greet


The Meet and Greet is nicely set up so that you have one line to see three Princesses or Princes.  There is a person at each station to take pictures and give you a photopass card. 


The line forms behind the stations so while in line you will not see which characters are waiting to meet you.  There is a Cast Member at the front of the line, letting in only one family at a time so each child has plenty of time for pictures and autograph signing.


Princess Storytelling


The storytelling takes place on the floor of the area.  Times are listed on your daily entertainment guide.  Each day they have each Princess tell her story twice.  Circles of carpet are laid out for guests to sit on for the storytelling.  If your child is in the front row, he or she might be asked to help with the story.


Our Review


We were a little unsure about entering the Princess Fantasy Fair since we have a five year-old boy.  We first did the Meet and Greet.  We got very lucky because the first station was in transition.  We had a few seconds with Prince Philip and then Princess Minnie came to take his place.  That was a great bonus for us, and while Alex didn’t enjoy seeing Prince Philip he loved seeing Princess Minnie.


The second station in the Meet and Greet had Cinderella.  Alex really enjoyed posing with her, and showing her his cat Figaro.


Finally, we saw Pocahontas in the last station.  Since Alex has never seen this movie, he didn’t know who she was, but still posed for a picture.


We toured the Princess shop and I enjoyed looking at the Princess gear available for little girls.


Next we decided to do the Royal Coronation Ceremony.  Alex was pretty bored but as a female adult I enjoyed this show.  It was also completely evident that all of the little girls were thrilled to be a part of this Ceremony and they loved dancing with a Princess.  This ceremony is a perfect way to make a little girl’s dreams come true.


Lastly we decided to attend Princess Storytelling.  I had no idea what to expect here because we had never done it before.  We got there early and had front row seats.  Alex was asked to help with the story but he is shy so didn’t want to do that.


Belle came out to share her story.  She was fully dressed in her yellow ball gown and proceeded to tell all of us how she met the Beast.


The story is well done with help from the children and a Cast Member.  Our whole family loved this and will definitely do it again.  I highly recommend Princess Storytelling!


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