S. S. Rustworthy Review (2007)

The S.S. Rustworthy is a ship for children to play on and it is located near Paradise Pier very close to the Burger Invasion. 


This is an area where your child can get very wet or not wet at all depending on what he or she wants to do.  In the ship itself there are things to play with on the interior; and this is a totally dry area.  If you go on deck however your chances of getting soaked are pretty good.  Not only can your child control the water flow, but the cast member by the entrance can also control it; showering you with a large spray of water whenever the urge to soak you strikes the cast member.


Outside of the ship there are two separate areas to play in and both have the potential to get wet.  On one side are three ‘surfboards’ where your child can pretend to surf.  Also here is a very shallow pool of water, but nice and cold on hot overworked feet.


The other side has a fireman and a hose.  Of course the hose can squirt water, but the children playing control the flow of water.


This is a nice relaxing spot to spend a little down time while at the same time cooling off a bit.


Not a must see by any stretch of the word, it is a place my water fearing son did enjoy on our trip in May.

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