The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World


When deciding what time of year you want to go to Walt Disney World, first you must think about what you want to do while there.


If you want to see all of the shows and entertainment, then you probably want to go during summer or mid December.  Crowds and prices will be at their highest, but you will have the full gamut of entertainment choices.  You will also be there during the hottest period, and the coolest period of the year.  High humidity is the norm for Orlando year round, so keep that in mind when thinking of the temperatures.


For those of you who don’t need to see all of the fireworks shows and other entertainment, and prefer smaller crowds, then you have a great many choices of which time of year to visit Walt Disney World.


More comfortable weather, lower prices, and smaller crowds can be found throughout the year, and specifically on the following dates:


January 1st – 17th

February 1st – 14th (Valentines Day itself tends to be pretty busy)

March 1st – 14th (just before spring break begins)

May 31st

June 1st – 6th

August 23rd – 31st (most schools are back in session)

September – the whole month

October 1st – 3rd


After October 3rd you will find Halloween, and then the Christmas Holidays and the crowds are non-stop through the end of the year.


While anytime at Walt Disney World is a great time, if you are a family who can’t handle overwhelming heat or cold, and crowds bother you, then the above periods will be your best bet.


For those of you that are not bothered by adverse temperatures and you thrive in crowds then be sure to go during the more busy times for your ultimate adventure!


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