It's Tough to be a Bug Review 2008

It’s Tough To Be A Bug 3-D 


This is shown in a theater at the opening to BugsLand, before going under the sign to enter Flik’s Fun Faire.


Like the other continuously running 3-D shows, this one has a pre-show area as well.  This area is similar to being in an ant hole, or a cave.  It is a rather dark area with bugs on the wall.  Not scary in the slightest though.


Again, our wait was about 10 minutes as we narrowly missed a showing.  There are no televisions here to entertain the waiting crowd, and no benches to sit on.


When the doors open you are allowed to enter the theater and pick a seat.  Unlike the other two theaters, these seats resemble wooden benches.


After everyone is seated we are told to put on the 3-D bugs eyes.  Flik then appears to talk to us from the ceiling.  It is then that the show starts.


During this show you will meet several different types of bugs.  Hopper is there as well as other characters from the Pixar movie. 


The theaters will be overcome by different flying bugs during the show, the horrible smell emitted by a stink bug, and even some bug juice as a bug sneezes.


For this show the seats themselves are part of the show.  You will feel a bee sting you in the back – if you have back problems, lean forward as the bee appears.  For those with no back problems this sting surprises you, but doesn’t really hurt.


As the show ends, the guests are told to wait in there seats so that the bugs could leave the theater first and you will feel the cock roaches crawling out from under you at this point.


For those of you who are horribly terrified of bugs, or have arachnophobia, this is not much of a concern.  Speaking for myself – a person with an incredible fear of bugs, it was not at all scary.  This is a very entertaining show.


At 5 years old Alex again really loved this show and highly recommends it to others.  As an adult I also recommend this show.  It is very entertaining and you may even learn something!

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