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When planning a vacation to Walt Disney World you also need to plan for the weather.  Thing nice thing about Orlando is that it is pretty warm year round and shorts are perfectly fine during daylight hours.  In fact, because of the humidity those upper temperatures sometime seem so much hotter than they really show.  I mention this because the same thing happens when you add humidity to colder temperatures.  Cold and Humidity don’t mix well either, so while you see a perfectly fine temperature of 50 degrees, adding humidity can easily make it feel like 40 degrees or colder.  Keep this in mind when packing a suitcase.  Some of those nighttime temperatures can feel pretty cold without a jacket.

Because humidity plays such a big part in Orlando weather, I have listed the average afternoon humidity for each month.


Some of the most perfect weather in Florida can be found in January with temperatures in the very low 70’s during the day, and upper 40’s at night. The average daytime humidity is between 50% and 60%.  So be prepared with light jackets in the evening, and a selection of slacks to wear if the temperature feels too cold at night.

Another factor you will deal with in January is rain.  With almost 2 ½ inches in January it is likely that it may rain during your vacation.  Don’t worry though as Walt Disney World doesn’t close just because it is raining.  Pull out your ponchos and carry on enjoying your vacation!

Record High: 87 (1991)

Record Low:  19 (1985)



February is a nice mild month with average highs in the low 70’s and average lows almost 50 degrees.  Daytime humidity is also mild, staying around 50% over the month.  Again, I would recommend light jackets in the evenings.

Your chance of rain in February is higher with an average of over 3 inches of rain during this shortened month.

Record High: 89 (1988)
Record Low:  26 (1996)


Spring is here with the March temperatures climbing close to 80 degrees and nighttime temps zooming up the mercury to an average of 55 during the month.  Like February, you will find average humidity at 50% throughout the month of March.

Rain, rain, rain.  March rain brings May flowers.  Average rainfall in the month of March is well over 3 inches, so be prepared with your rain gear!

Record High: 92 (1994)

Record Low:  25 (1980)


The month of April has Orlando’s temperatures climbing higher as spring get into full swing.  A nice 83 degrees is the average high with a low very close to 60!  For the month of April you will find humidity BELOW 50% so the temperatures will feel close to what the thermometer actually reads.

April does bring some rain for May flowers, but much less with about 1 ¾ inches during the month.

Record High: 95 (1999)

Record Low:  38 (1987)


Spring is now here and summer is approaching as temperatures sail up the mercury to almost 90 degrees!  The average low is a very comfortable 60-70 degrees.  Humidity also shows a history of staying under 50%, but just barely.

Rain brings May flowers.  May flowers are already here, so what does May rain bring?  Buckets.  Yes, lots of rain this month with an average of 3 ½ inches falling from the sky.  Be prepared with the rain gear for those May trips.

Record High: 99 (2000)

Record Low:  48 (1992)


Summer comes with a bang to the Orlando area. Once June hits, it inevitable that temperatures will in in the 90's. Evenings can be on the pleasant side especially if there is an afternoon rain. June is the start of Hurricane Season, so be prepared. Weather can be unpredictable - from weeks without a drop of rain to an ongoing deluge that seems to have no end in sight.

Expect warm temperatures during the summer months of June, July and August. If you are traveling to Orlando, pack lightweight clothing and items to protect you from the sun and rain. If you spend any amount of time outdoors, be sure to put on sunscreen! Don't ruin your vacation with blistering sunburn.


Summer hits Walt Disney World with a bang in June as temperatures fly over the 90 degree mark.  Low temperatures will be a very comfortable 70-75.  With this being a rainy month the humidity also rises close to 60%.  That is not horribly uncomfortable.

With almost 7 ½ inches of rain during the month of June, those May flowers are being nicely watered.  Rain this time of year can make the temperature fell nicely cooler than the average of 90 degrees.  June is also the start of Hurricane season in Florida.

Record High: 100 (1987)

Record Low:  53 (1984)


July is pretty much a carbon copy of June.  Temps in the 90’s with lows in the 70-75 degree range.  Humidity will again be close to 60%.

Almost 7 ½ inches of rain as well in July and Hurricane season continues on through the month.

Record High: 100 (1998)

Record Low:  64 (1981)


Yes, I realize that I am repeating myself, but again, August is just like June and July with those temperatures in the lower 90’s during the day, and mid 70’s at night and early mornings.  Humidity averages out to be 60% during August.

There is slightly less rain in the month of August with only 6 ¾ inches on average.

Record High: 100 (1980)

Record Low:  65(1997)


September sees a minute drop in temperatures to the upper 80’s with lows in the lower 70’s.  Humidity is still sticking around at 60% or so for the month.

Average rainfall for Orlando in September is just about 6 inches over the month.  It is important to note that this is also peak Hurricane season now in Florida, and hurricanes can greatly affect the Orlando weather.

Record High: 98 (1988)
Record Low: 57 (1981)


October has wonderfully mild temperatures with highs in the mid 80’s and lows in the mid 60’s.  Humidity is once again under 60%!

With the lower humidity comes the lower rainfall average and October has just about 2 ½ inches during this mild month.

Record High: 95 (1986)
Record Low: 44 (1989)


November is slightly cooler with high temperatures in the upper 70’s and lows in the upper 50’s.  That evening jacket is probably a good idea this time of year.  Humidity is still around 56%.

Rainfall amounts are very similar in October and November with this months total rainfall just about 2 ¼ inches.

Record High: 89 (1980)
Record Low:  35 (1981)


December is another perfect time to be in Florida with highs in the low 70’s and lows in the low 50’s.  Humidity sticks around the 57% mark.

December is a mild month with just over 2 inches of rain which isn’t much to worry about!

Record High: 90 (1978)
Record Low: 20 (1983)


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