Walt Disney World Photopass Special Effects

Photopass is a fantastic way to have family pictures taken at the Walt Disney World Resort.  There are photographers stationed throughout each of the parks to take your picture. These people will take your picture, and give you a Photopass card.  Each successive time you have a picture taken simply give the photographer the card and they will scan it to add the current photo.  Your Photopass card can be used at all of Walt Disney Worlds parks.  You will not need to get a different card for each park.


What you may not know is that many of these photographers can add a special effect to your picture.  For example they can show you holding Tinker Bell in your hand or Fighting Captain Hook.


This is not a complete list of all of the Photopass Photographers at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Here is a list of where the photographers are, and what effect they can add to your picture.  I will be constantly adding to this list, so if you find a photographer that can add an effect I don’t have listed here, please send an email to let me know where that photographer can be found, and what the effect is that he/she can add to your photos!




These are the locations and effects that can be added to pictures taken at Walt Disney World, listed by Park.   Be sure to ask the photographer to add an effect for you.



Magic Kingdom :


On Main Street with CinderellaCastle in the background, the photographer can make it look like you are holding Tinker Bell.

In Fantasyland near the Carousel Tinker Bell can be added with CinderellaCastle as the backdrop.

Near Pirates of the Caribbean, the photographer can make it look as if you are fighting Captain Hook.

In front of HauntedMansion the photographers can add a ghost to your pictures.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 

Pictures taken on Hollywood Boulevard can show Stitch popping up from ground.



Near World Showcase Mickey and his friends can be added to the picture.  The effect shows them hang gliding above you.

Animal Kingdom: 

On the bridge to HarambeVillage the photographer can add the effect of you holding baby Simba.

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