Walt Disney World Transportation

To get to and from the different resorts of Walt Disney World, you will need to use the Walt Disney World Transportation Center.  This is a place you will become very familiar with during your time at the Resort.  If you are staying a hotel on Disney property, this transportation is free for you to use as long as you have valid park tickets.


While the task of using the Transportation Center may seem daunting at best, this really is a very efficient way of transporting passengers to and from different theme parks.  During my research into the Transportation center I was also happy to note that everything I read had one thing in common.  No matter where I looked I found that the buses and other forms of transportation are clean, easily navigated, and run on schedule.  Cast members are very prevalent in this area to offer help when questions do arise, and your Walt Disney World hotel has information packets on this incredible Transportation System that you can get when you arrive.  If you already know where you are staying you can even call to see if they can send that packet to you ahead of time.


From the Transportation Center there are various ways to reach each theme park.


To get to the Magic Kingdom you can either use the Monorail system which runs one Monorail as an express that only goes between the park and the transportation system and another Monorail that will take you everywhere the Monorail services.  You can also use a ferry boat to reach the Magic Kingdom from here.  Please note that some of the Resorts have their own transportation to the Magic Kingdom in which you could ride their own bus or ferry in lieu of using the Transportation Center.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios is reached by bus service from the transportation center, or a ferry boat from a few of the hotels.  The Monorail does not run through Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Reaching Animal Kingdom can only be done by bus as there is no Monorail service here, and no water surface for ferry boats.


EPCOT Center does have an express Monorail or by bus.


To reach Downtown Disney, Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon you will need to take a bus from the Transportation Center.


If you have driven your own car or rented one and would prefer to go to each park directly, this can also be done.  Each park has plenty of parking, and each day when you pay at one parking lot, you are allowed to enter another parking lot at no charge.  These lots can be very large, and there are trams that will help you reach the entry gates.


Remember that the Transportation Center at Walt Disney World is a well-oiled machine and it does run well, and if you do have any questions, never hesitate to ask!

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