WDW Dining Plan Review May 2008

Magic Your Way Plus Dining Package Review


The Magic Your Way Plus Dining package is really easy to use.  You simply use your room key (Key to the World – also your park tickets) instead of a credit card.  The plan includes a non alcoholic drink (some restaurants include a specialty drink, simply ask what’s included at each place), entrée and dessert.  Quick service desserts were usually brownie, carrot cake, or chocolate cake.  Kids have little to no choice for dessert so if they aren’t happy with pudding or a cookie plan on splitting your dessert with your little tyke!  Kids get make your own sundaes at most table service locations.  Alcohol and tip are not included on the plan, so figure on bringing extra cash with you for these expenses.  Even on the plan we still had to pay a little over $500 for our extras and the third meal every day.  You can also charge your extras to your key if you leave a credit card on file with your hotel. 


This package is well worth the cost!  We saved over $300 on this plan.  We would have saved more if we’d have figured out to use our snack credits for breakfast!  We all had bagels and Danishes etc. for breakfast.  Those could have been used as snack credits as they are close to $4.  Instead we used them for churros and water etc. which were only $2-3.  If you plan on only eating quick service meals, it’s not worth it, but for the sit down restaurants once a day, it is well advised!


Most restaurants are on the dining plan, however, some snack carts aren’t.  We stopped to get slushies and had to pay when we really wanted to use the last of our snack credits.  The park maps tell you if a restaurant is included in the plan, we just weren’t paying attention.


My only complaint is that they make it confusing to leave a tip.  They automatically put on 18% for tip.  If you don’t watch closely, you may pay tip twice (we did this once and had to find a manager to fix it). 


We were so used to getting dessert with every meal that I had to go buy ice cream when we got home!   


All in all, we saved money.  Use your snack credits wisely!  When we left we still had 2 credits left.  We could have gone in and purchased a few snacks for the plane home, but we simply ran out of time before our bus arrived. 


I highly recommend purchasing the dining plan, it is well worth it!


This review was contributed by Mynde AKA Esmeralda from our message boards.


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