Toy Story Midway Mania

The newest ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is located in Pixar Place.  As you go under the archway you will see a building on your right.  This holds restrooms which you probably want to use before entering the long queue for Toy Story Midway Mania.


The queue for Toy Story Midway Mania is completely fanciful.  This queue showcases many games familiar to both adults and children.  You will see a Candy Land board on one wall and Tinker Toys scattered throughout the queue.  In fact, the rails of the queue are made to look like large Tinker Toys.  All of the toys in both of the Toy Story movies are represented here in a fanciful manner.


The entire queue for Toy Story Midway Mania is indoors in an air conditioned environment.  The queue wraps around several times and while you are waiting there are many toys to look at on the walls.


For the final portion of the queue you will be going upstairs.  This is where the Fastpass queue joins the Standby queue.  To the right of this queue is a queue for Single Riders.  You will find the 3-D glasses right before you go up the stairs.


As you enter the loading zone you will be put in rows.  Each ride vehicle holds a total of 4 people.  Each side holds two people and two guns.  During the ride each side of the vehicle will face their own set of targets.


The ride begins with a practice round.  Here you will have a moment to practice using your ‘gun’.  This gun is not a trigger gun.  Instead you pull a ball that is attached to the gun to fire at each target.  During this practice round no points are awarded.  You will find firing easy, but aiming a bit harder.


Next you will enter the first portion of the game.  From this point on, you will be awarded points for hitting your targets.


There are 5 different games and one bonus round during this ride.  Here is more information on each game:


Game 1 – Hamm and Eggs

            This is like a duck shoot.  You will shoot the targets on ducks.  Be sure to watch for point values.  You will hear them say that higher points are on smaller targets, but this is not always true so be sure to look around.


Game 2 – Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop

            In this game the targets are on sheep.  The sheep have faces and the bodies resemble a balloon.  Again, be sure to keep an eye on point values and go for the higher point targets.


Game 3 – Green Army Men Shoot Camp

            In this game you will shoot plates.  Each plate will have a point value.


Game 4 – Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers

            This game is a ring toss.  Here you toss the rings over the little green aliens to accumulate points.


Game 5 – Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery

            For this game you will see Woody’s Roundup and there are targets with point values to shoot.  Toward the end of this game your vehicle will begin to move and you will hear them say to keep shooting.  If you keep shooting here you can accumulate a lot of additional points.


Game 6 - Bonus Game

            The bonus game is once again plates with point values on them.  The plates come down on conveyor belts.  When the large plate appears, keep shooting that one.  The more you shoot the higher the point values can go!


After you have completed the bonus game you will be given your score by Buzz Lightyear.  Next you will see the top 3 scores tabulated.



Fastpass is available for this attraction.  Each machine looks like a part of a Tinker Toy set.  Because this is a new attraction it is not uncommon to see a line of people at the Fastpass return queue simply waiting for the clock to reach their return time.  If you obtain a Fastpass you will skip a large portion of the queue (including the large Mr. Potato Head) before joining the standby line.  Once you join the standby line your wait is approximately 15 to 20 minutes.


Single Rider is available for this attraction.  The single rider queue has an average wait time of 45 minutes during opening week.  This may sound very high on the face of it, but when the standby queue is close to two hours, this is a great alternative for those who don’t mind riding with someone who is not with them. 


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