How to Plan a Disney Cruise - General Timeline

All Disney Cruise Dates are based on January 2020 Disney information.  They are subject to change at any time for any reason and any Castaway Club level.  ALWAYS VERIFY with Disney or your Travel Agent your final payment date.  If you miss your final payment date your Disney Cruise will be canceled and there is no way to get it back. (without paying current prices which will be much higher)


18-24 months Contact a travel agent and/or start researching cruises.  Disney Cruises are much, much cheaper the day they go on sale.
18 months Book Cruise (20% deposit usually required)
3-18 months Make sure your passports/passport cards are valid for your cruise dates 
  Research excursions, Join Facebook/forum groups
120 days  6 or more day Cruises (excluding Concierge/Suites) Final payment
  Typically last day for full refund
  Platinum members can check-in and book excursions, cabanas, (however you cannot book excursions if full payment is not made)
  Purchase insurance if there is any chance you will miss your cruise
105 days  Gold members can check-in and book excursions
90 days  5 days or less and Cruises and Concierge/Suites final  payment
  Last day for full refund for cruises that make their final payment on this date
  Silver members can check-in and book excursions
75 days  Check-in and book excursions 
30 days  Double check and finalize excursions
  Work on FE Group gifts
  Prepare packing lists
  Buy everything you need for the cruise
7 days; Download Disney Cruise Line Navigator App
1 day Arrive at your starting Disney Cruise port city.  Obviously if you are driving or have a short flight you can arrive on the Cruise departure date. However flight delays and weather happens.  If you are late you will not be allowed to board once the ship closes the gangway. And will not receive a refund.  Do not risk your Disney Cruise for cost of a 1 night hotel




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